ElViento: So I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with this site, and here’s what I’ve come up with.

I’m planning to have one weekly update, with links to applicable UH-related posts from SB Nation, as well as links and commentary on any other Cougar news items of the week. Then, a top-five list that’s completely unrelated, just for giggles.  So it’ll look something like this:

This Week On SB Nation Houston (7/1)

“Just Trust Me” – Feature on Mack Rhoades’ first year at UH

Karma delivered by former Cougar Rob Johnson

Sporting News gives Keeum back-handed compliment

Around The Web

Houston Cougar volleyball announces its 2010 schedule… First-year coach Molly Alvey isn’t ducking anybody. The Coogs will play TCU, UT-Austin, Florida State, Oklahoma and Tennessee among others.

Recent Astro draftee, and former Cougar Chris Wallace is tearing the cover off the ball with Greeneville. He homered three times in his first seven games as a professional.

And at last check, Blake Kelso was hitting .333 for the Vermont Lake Monsters (yes, that’s the real team name) in the Washington Nationals system.

Unrelated Top Five – Songs About Heaven Or Hell

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven

AC/DC – Hell’s Bells

OPM – Heaven is a Halfpipe

The Clash – Straight to Hell

Eric Clapton – Tears in Heaven


I’m now actively looking for more writers to have a better variety of opinions ’round here. If you want to sound off, use the ‘Contact Us’ tab to shoot me off an e-mail. Thanks.

ElViento: Popular sports opinion website SB Nation has recently started opening up hub pages for various cities. (If you follow sports in-depth online, chances are you’ve probably read at least one or two blogs that they host.)

Unlike ESPN, they have deemed the city of Houston worthy of its own local site.

Unlike some other media entities in this city, which shall remain nameless, they didn’t hire a Longhorn to do a Cougar’s job.

That’s right,  yours truly has been hired (Yes, hired! As in, money!) to cover the Houston Cougars for the site, which was launched Wednesday night.

You can find the site at houston.sbnation.com.

In addition to myself, the site will feature the writing of (among others) Tom Martin (of Rockets blog The Dream Shake), David Coleman (of Astros blog The Crawfish Boxes) and Rivers McCown (of Texans’ Battle Red Blog).

I can’t say enough about how excited I am to be a part of this. I am (at present) the only writer whose focus will be on college athletics, and the folks at SB Nation had the good sense to have the Houston site cover UH, not UT or A&M. (I’ll also be writing up Rice when I get the chance.)

Anyway, this is the reason that my posts around here have been brief, recently. I’ve been writing for that site, which has been taking up my energies.

I don’t know what the future of the Scott &  Holman will be. It’s likely that SB Nation won’t want me to write about every little bit of Cougar info that ever comes up, so I’ll still likely post the minor stuff around here. I’d also love to bring in some other writers here to provide their own perspective on UH sports. But I encourage you all to follow me over to the SB Nation site. My Cougar coverage will be much better there than it ever was here.

That’s all for me for now. GO COOGS!!

Party Time

ElViento: Are you doing anything this Thursday evening? Of course not.

So why not come out, enjoy some food with yours truly, David Nuño of 1560 The Game, and former Houston Rocket Robert Reid?

More info here, with an RSVP function.

All are welcome. Hope to see you there.

ElViento: Well, I guess this answers the question of whether or not UH has the money to buy out a coach in a minor sport like baseball.

The two key candidates to keep an eye on are Todd Whitting, an assistant at TCU, and David Pierce, an assistant at Rice. Both men are UH grads with past experience as assistants for the Cougars.

Who do you like, Cougar fans?

ElViento: I recently helped out Adrian of the fantastic UTEP blog (if you care about what’s going on with other C-USA teams) Miner Rush. He had a two-part UH football preview, which you can find here (the part where I answer his questions) and here (the part I wasn’t really involved with).

If you’re anything like me, you’re all over anything football related at this point, so enjoy.

ElViento: Howdy everybody. For reasons that I can’t go into now, but which I will fully explain in the next week or two, I’m not going to be going into much depth on stuff for the time being. I ask for a little patience, and promise that very soon, my coverage of the Coogs will actually be better than ever. I’m very excited, and you should be, too. Until such time as I can fully discuss everything to the extent that I want, I will continue to at least mention the top stories of the day, and allow for discussion. Along those lines…

Charles Sims was ruled ineligible for the 2010 football season on Tuesday. Obviously, this isn’t a good thing, but there is talent at the running back position. I think it’s worse than the Castile, Dugat, Dean and Tatum losses, but still well short of catostrophic.

Also, Cougar play-by-play guy Tom Franklin announced on Tuesday via CoogFans.com that he is being retained by ISP to be the Voice of the Cougars in 2010. I’m a huge fan of TF, and I’m glad to hear that ISP listened to the fans, when they spoke up and said they wanted Tom back.

That’s all for me for now. Looking forward to sharing the good news with everybody soon.

Go Coogs!


-My friend lent me a movie that I’m reasonably excited to watch.

-I got to meet a loyal reader of the blog.

-I rocked out to the Black Keys in my car on the way to and from the stadium. (Seriously, do yourself a favor, go buy the “Brothers” album.)

By that standard, it wasn’t a bad evening. Unfortunately, there was a game on. In said game, the Houston Cougar baseball team lost to the Rice Owl baseball team, 24-3. At baseball.

Yes, that score happened with two teams playing baseball. Well, at least one team was playing baseball.

So after Friday’s meaningless contest against Southern Miss, the Cougar baseball season will be over, officially closing down the Cougar athletic year for the summer. After Thursday’s game, a three-month wait for football doesn’t sound so bad.